Quality Assurance

Quality Checks:

Quality Process FlowchartAt Piramal Glass, quality is of paramount importance. To ensure consistency and quality, a Six Sigma initiative is being rolled out at both the Indian plants. At the corporate level, too, we are carrying out a Business Process Excellence initiative.

Quality inspection involves five levels of checks.

Level 1 happens at the IS machine, immediately after the bottle is formed. Here, the line operator, with the quality control checker, does hot end sampling for dimensional checks.

Hot-end ware rejection is an automatic process to ensure quality of the bottles after bottle swabbing. Next, the bottles are put into an annealing chamber, where they are gradually heated and cooled to de-stress.

The bottles then pass through a series of automatic and camera inspection checks by equipment like M, M-Cal, Veritas and VISIGLAS. These machines check for body defects, neck finish, bubbles, foreign matter etc.

Quality Checks

The bottles are finally automatically shrink-wrapped, and a sample of the packed bottles is put through a QA process to check for defects.

The container used for transport is fumigated and also checked for cleanliness and hygiene prior to stuffing.