Design Studio

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of glass, Piramal Glass is committed to delivering innovative and creative packaging solutions to customers. The Corporate Design Center is a product of this commitment.

The Piramal Glass Corporate Design Center is a state-of-the-art facility and offers a complete range of design solutions to customers in categories as diverse as perfumes, cosmetics, skin care, beverages, food, wine, and pharmaceuticals. The center's solutions cover a wide gamut of packaging materials and components.

The center has cutting-edge infrastructure and is peopled with experienced professionals. It offers 3-D industrial design, and is equipped with an in-house prototype and model making workshop.

The design center continuously tracks the latest trends in fashion, perfumery, cosmetics and art and incorporates best practices into its packaging solutions. As a result, our solutions are fresh, creative and contemporary.

The Corporate Design Center also has a center of innovation and development, offering marketing support in the form of point of sale design, graphic design, merchandising designs, exhibition design etc.